Frequently Asked Questions

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When are the model homes open?

Model homes are typically open daily, Monday-Saturday from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Sunday 12:00 - 6:00 PM. Some of our builders may have variations in those times. Please check here for who to call. If we still haven’t addressed your question, please call 941.218-1558. for details.

How can I use the Bike Share?

It's as easy as pedaling. Download the app and follow the instructions. Please note you will be required to return the bike(s) to a designated station/rack. So, please be kind and plan your ride to start and finish at one of the stations. A few areas of Vistera of Venice are inaccessible to the Bike Share bikes. The app will provide all the information you need to enjoy your ride.

Is there a cost for the Bike Share?*

All bikes may be ridden without charge. Yes, that’s right! Complimentary. Free. Nada. Zilch. You will have all the time you need to explore our new hometown. Please, remember our trails and parks are open Dawn to Dusk, so there are some time restrictions to the program. Don't forget to end the rental - if you forget it won't be too kind to your wallet! The app tracks renters and you will be liable for loss and damages.

* Bike Share perimeters and charges subject to terms and conditions and can change without notice.

Will there be fees for Vistera of Venice?

Yes, with good reason. The community's stormwater facilities and wetlands, main entryway monuments and gates, general community permanent signs, landscaping of collector roads and common areas, neighborhood parks and green spaces, trails and recreational amenity areas and facilities will need to be operated, managed, and maintained into perpetuity. To provide such management and oversight duties a Community Development District (“District”) is created. The District’s full name is Laurel Road Community Development District, is an independent special district created pursuant to and existing under the provisions of Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, and established by the City of Venice, Florida by and through the City Council for the City of Venice, Florida approval of Ordinance No. 2020-13 on April 28, 2020. The District includes approximately 299.286 acres of land within its boundaries in the City of Venice, Florida.

Click for more information on the District

In addition, Vistera of Venice is managed by a Homeowners Association ("HOA"). The role of the HOA is limited to financial and administrative management as per the Association’s Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.

Vistera of Venice is a maintenance-assisted community; therefore, further responsibilities include overseeing and managing the homeowner’s maintenance-assisted services.

The fees are determined by the Association’s annual operating budget adopted by the HOA Board of Supervisors, based on a fiscal year beginning January 1st.

What is the difference between the Community Development District ("District") and the Vistera Neighborhood Homeowners Association (“HOA”)?

A Community Development District is a governmental entity created to serve the long-term specific needs of a community. It is a method of financing, operating, and maintaining community-wide improvements and services for a community. To finance the community infrastructure, the CDD issues what are called Special Assessment Revenue Bonds. Generally, the CDD assesses each property owner with a yearly capital debt service assessment to pay back those bonds.

The Vistera of Venice Homeowners’ Association plays a critical role in the Community. The Association monitors, maintains, and enforces all of the deed restrictions, covenants, and architectural guidelines set by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

In addition, the HOA oversees and manages the Maintenance-Assisted program.

What are the fees for Vistera of Venice?

Please click here for details.

Can I swim in any of the ponds at Vistera of Venice?

Swimming, paddling or wading is NOT allowed in any pond, natural or man-made body of water at Vistera of Venice. Our ponds and wetlands are all interconnected for stormwater purposes.

Can I fish in any of the ponds at Vistera of Venice?

The natural and man-made bodies of water, ponds and wetlands are not created for fishing. The ponds and man-made bodies of water throughout Vistera of Venice are designed and constructed to support the community's stormwater, drainage and collect run-off from community street and yards. The water levels may fluctuate throughout the year and there is no guarantee all ponds will be full year-round.

How can I access the community club, pool, and fitness center, and what are the hours?

At the lot and home closing, residents will be given access either through an app or fobs and the appropriate instructions for activation.

CLUB: Typical hours are daily but not limited to 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM. Club hours will vary throughout the year and according to programs, events, and staff business hours.

POOL: For the continued safety and enjoyment of all Vistera of Venice residents and their guest(s) the pool hours are restricted to DAWN – DUSK. Dawn is considered 30 minutes before sunrise. Dusk is considered 30 minutes before sunset. No nighttime swimming allowed. Sorry! We do not have the proper safety lighting as required by the Florida Department of Health.

FITNESS CENTER: 24 hours, 7 days a week.

PARKS and OPEN GREEN SPACES: DAWN – DUSK. Dawn is considered 30 minutes before sunrise. Dusk is considered 30 minutes before sunset.

Can I bring guests to any of the amenities, and how many?

Yes. We welcome your guests to enjoy Vistera of Venice during their visit. There are some restrictions based on the age of residents and their guests and whether the visit is for a special event or program.

Is there an age restriction at any of the amenities?

Yes. Some of our fun is for little ones, others for bigger ones, and some for adults only. Please take notice of the posted signs for required parental/guardian/adult supervision.

Can I reserve any part of the amenities for private events?

Oh yes! It's part of the “altogether living” at Vistera of Venice. There may be some limitations or blackout dates for community events, but our goal is for residents to enjoy the amenities to their fullest.

Are there any rules or regulations for the indoor and outdoor amenities?

Your safety, well-being, and enjoyment are of extreme importance. You will find each area may have certain age, height, weight restrictions, and general safety rules that should always be adhered to when enjoying these amenities. The fitness center has been designed and equipped using the most current safety codes and practices. The community sidewalk paved pathways are designed for walkers, runners, joggers (human and canine), and cyclists. We will let you get away with an electric bike, but please leave the motorized vehicles, including golf carts, to the paved streets. In addition, our pools do not have LIFEGUARDS present. You will swim at your own risk.

Homeowners are given access to a digital copy of the Amenity Rules and Regulations. This is a detailed outline of adopted rules, regulations, and guidelines.

Can I get a list of county contacts, utility, trash, and cable providers?

Yes, just click here for information.

Are the events open to the public?

Certain events and programs will attract non-residents of Vistera of Venice who desire to experience the “altogether living” here. For any planned activities, the residents and their guests will be given notice prior to the general public. Oftentimes, the events will have a maximum RSVP number and should be met by the residents and their guests.

What do I do if I want to make an exterior change to my home?

An Architectural Review Committee application must be completed by the homeowner and submitted for review and approval. Written approval shall be required before any construction, restoration, reconstruction, improvement, modification, or expansion is performed or installed.

I am a resident with a question, who should I call?

Click Here for who to call. If we still haven’t addressed your question, please call 941.218-1558.